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Vodacom Contract Prices for Apple iPhone Xs

Finally the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max are here in South Africa and the good news is that Cellucity has revealed the Vodacom contract prices for the two new devices. iPhone Xs will be priced from R21,999 for 64GB, R31,999 for 512 GB iPhone Xs Max.

Vodacom contract prices start at R999 for iPhone Xs per month on a Smart XS+ plan, while iPhone Xs Max with contract at R1199 per month on a smart S+ plan.

Below is the Summary of the Vodacom postpaid options available for iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max.

iPhone Xs – Vodacom contract prices

Vodacom contractiPhone Xs
Contract packages
Smart XS+R999R1,199R1,399
Smart S+R1,099R1,299R1,499
Smart M+R1,299R1,499R1,699
Smart L+R1,529R1,729R1,929
Smart More Data 2GBR1,179R1,379R1,579
Smart More Data 4GBR1,379R1,579R1,779
Smart More Data 6GBR1,529R1,729R1,929
Red More Data 10GBR1,699R1,899R2,099
Red Select+R1,699R1,899R2,099
Red Classic+R1,999R2,199R2,399
Red Premium+R2,399R2,599R2,799
Red VIP+R2,799R2,999R3,199
Top-up packages
uChoose Flexi 165R1,019R1,219R1,419
uChoose Flexi 220R1,059R1,259R1,459
uChoose Flexi 375R1,189R1,389R1,589
uChoose Flexi 525R1,319R1,519R1,719
uChoose Flexi 775R1,539R1,739R1,939
Smart Top Up XS+R1,019R1,219R1,419
Smart Top Up S+R1,129R1,329R1,529
Smart Top Up M+R1,329R1,529R1,729
Smart Top Up L+R1,559R1,759R1,959
uChoose More Data 2GBR1,199R1,399R1,599
uChoose More Data 4GBR1,399R1,599R1,799
uChoose More Data 6GBR1,559R1,759R1,959
Red Select Top Up+R1,799R1,999R2,199

iPhone Xs Max – Vodacom contract prices

Vodacom contractiPhone Xs Max
Contract packages
Smart XS+
Smart S+R1,199R1,399R1,599
Smart M+R1,399R1,599R1,799
Smart L+R1,629R1,829R2,029
Smart More Data 2GBR1,249R1,449R1,649
Smart More Data 4GBR1,449R1,649R1,849
Smart More Data 6GBR1,599R1,799R1,999
Red More Data 10GBR1,799R1,999R2,199
Red Select+R1,799R1,999R2,199
Red Classic+R2,099R2,299R2,499
Red Premium+R2,499R2,699R2,899
Red VIP+R2,899R3,099R3,299
Top-up packages
uChoose Flexi 165
uChoose Flexi 220R1,149R1,349R1,549
uChoose Flexi 375R1,279R1,479R1,679
uChoose Flexi 525R1,409R1,609R1,809
uChoose Flexi 775R1,629R1,829R2,029
Smart Top Up XS+
Smart Top Up S+R1,229R1,429R1,629
Smart Top Up M+R1,429R1,629R1,829
Smart Top Up L+R1,659R1,859R2,059
uChoose More Data 2GBR1,269R1,469R1,669
uChoose More Data 4GBR1,469R1,669R1,869
uChoose More Data 6GBR1,629R1,829R2,029
Red Select Top Up+R1,899R2,099R2,299