South Africa’s best mobile network:Vodacom vs MTN vs Cell C vs Telkom

According to report published by Broadband MTN is ranked as the best mobile network in South Africa, followed by Vodacom, Telkom, and Cell C.

The Q1 2018 Mobile Network Quality Report published, gauges the performance of South Africa’s big four networks through its Speed Test Android app. More than 140 000 tests were conducted through the 1 January and 31 March test period.

The Q4 2017 Mobile Network Quality Report is based on 113,117 speed tests which were performed by 8,250 MyBroadband Android Speed Test App users across South Africa between 1 October 2017 and 31 December 2017.

MTN had the highest average download speed at 22.20Mbps, followed by Vodacom on 21.63Mbps and Telkom on 15.35Mbps.

To determine the best mobile network in South Africa, the download speed, upload speed, and latency of each network was used, a “Network Quality Score” was calculated for each network, where the score out of 10 shows how the network performed in relation to other networks.

MTN took the supremacy with a Network Quality Score of 9.98, followed by Vodacom on 9.38, Telkom on 6.72, and Cell C on 6.41.