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New Telkom FreeMe contracts and bundles

The new range of FreeMe contracts and prepaid is aimed at replacing the exisiting offerings effective from 20th March 2020 and will offer larger data allocations compared to the previous products.

There is also a once off net calling minutes to the new FreeMe SIM-only packages as an added value offering, although the prices of these products have also increased.

These SIM-only FreeMe offerings are billed on a month-to-month basis.

The following 1GB, 2GB, 5GB, 10GB, 20GB FreeMe contract offers, will be replaced by offers 800MB, 1.5GB, 3GB, 6GB, 11.5GB, and 28GB contracts and will  include WhatsApp and streaming data and does not refer to any-network monthly data allowances.

New FreeMe voice bundles are also on offer, including 100 all-network minutes for R40.

Value and bundles
Telkom has also launched new FreeMe prepaid bundles, which include all-network data, WhatsApp data, streaming data, on-network minutes, and SMSs.

The 300MB and 500MB FreeMe prepaid bundles are only valid for 14 days, while the rest are valid for 31 days.

Data allocations across both prepaid and contract offerings have increased, but so have the prices of these packages.

While new additions such as off-net minutes may offer extra value, some customers may end up spending more on mobile data than before if they do not take advantage of application- and platform-specific data allowances.

The any-network data allocations for the new FreeMe contract packages and the prepaid bundles can be used on both the Telkom and Vodacom networks.

Below are the details and prices of Telkom’s new FreeMe offerings.

FreeMe contracts (SIM-only)

PackageDataWhatsApp DataStreaming DataOn-net minutesOff-net minutesSMSPrice pm
FreeMe 800MB500MB150MB150MB5001550R99
FreeMe 1.5GB1GB250MB250MB50025100R139
FreeMe 3GB2GB500MB500MB1,00050200R189
FreeMe 6GB4GB1GB1GB1,000100400R289
FreeMe 11.5GB7.5GB2GB2GB1,000200800R389
FreeMe 28GB20GB4GB4GB3,0001,0002,000R689
FreeMe Unlimited30GB (FUP)5GB5GB3,0003,0003,000R1,189

FreeMe prepaid bundles

PackageDataWhatsApp DataStreaming DataOn-net minutesOff-net minutesSMSPrice
FreeMe 300MB150MB75MB75MB5050R29
FreeMe 500MB250MB125MB125MB15050R39
FreeMe 800MB500MB150MB150MB1501550R99
FreeMe 1.5GB1GB250MB250MB50025100R139
FreeMe 3GB2GB500MB500MB1,00050100R189
FreeMe 6GB4GB1GB1GB1,000100100R289
FreeMe 11.5GB7.5GB2GB2GB1,000200100R389
FreeMe 18GB12GB3GB3GB1,500300100R589
FreeMe 28GB20GB4GB4GB3,000500100R689